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K Wellness Center is a professional Front Range company, specializing in PRF/PRP wound care, Non healing/open wounds, Therapeutic IV Vitamin Cocktails & More.

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Thank you K Wellness

I have had arthritis in my wrist for several years. I had fallen and my wrist started swelling and the pain was horrible. This went on for about 2 years and there was nothing they could do but give me meds. K Wellness did treatments and wahoo I’m pain free.

Thank you K Wellness
– M Fresquez



K Wellness

Thank you, thank you;

I had to have rotator cuff surgery as I had fallen and shredded it. K wellness came into the surgery room and did PRP, and the surgeon applied it to the areas that had been repaired. I came through it with very mild meds for the pain. I’m very allergic to pain meds so this was a blessing. I also did not swell and not one bit of bruising. The doctor called me his poster child and was excited as to how PRP worked.

Thank you K Wellness
– M Fresquez



Thank you K Wellness;

I just had a treatment for a respiratory problem. In the process, I have had a goiter since the nineties, and after my treatment was finished the goiter had started to shrink. We took pictures and a bit later it had shrunk a bit more. The goiter has come down 2/3 it’s size. Can’t wait till my next treatment. My body is responding to a healthier one. I have energy that I haven’t had in years.

Thanks again for your services.
– M Fresquez

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