What is PRP/PRF Wound Healing?

PRF/PRP wound care is sequestering the body’s own collagen, fibrin, and growth factors to be applied directly to the wound site.



What are the benefits of PRP/PPP wound healing

1. PRP and PPP accelerate the tissue and bone regeneration via concentrated platelets, growth Factors, and leukocytes.

2. PRP increases wound healing by Increasing the autologous growth factors by 300%-700% directly at the site. By placing a membrane at the wound site, it activates a sealing process that allows for a quicker healing time.

3. Platelet gel decreases the probability of infection by 80%. Bactericidal factors and leukocytes fight off bacteria and viral pathogens directly at the wound site.

4. PRP/PPP reduces post operative surgical adhesions and decreases the build up of scar tissue.

5. PRP/PPP decreases surgical pain and increases range of motion. *Orthopedics July 2006 international Journal of Orthopedics, PRP in total knee arthroplasty.

6. PRP/PPP is safe and been shown to be effective. By utilizing the patients own blood it gives no risk for rejection at the wound site.